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Hangzhou YouLi Hoisting Machinery Co.Ltd.is a professional manufacturer of hoisting machinery such as manual and electrical tackles,HSZ,HS-c,VITAL series chain blochs,HSH,HSH-CK,VITAL series lever block,CD1 electric hoist,endless electric chain block,fasteners,pulleys,etc.The www.haoxxooc.cnpany has more than 30sets of all kinds of professional equipment.more sets most advanced production line of roller chain of our times among them,have intact detection means of physics and chemistry .Annual production is 200.000. Because the quality is godd,ourproducts have already been sold to more than 20 provinces,cities and autonomous regions in the whole country,And we alxo export to Asia,Europe,America,African,more than 30 countries and Regions.We won extensive praise of domestic and international customers. The www.haoxxooc.cnpany have a lot of www.haoxxooc.cnmercial networks in the whole county,carry on after-sale service.The quality responsibility is insured by People's lnsurance www.haoxxooc.cnpany of China.Relying on first-class management and techmological team,the www.haoxxooc.cnpany has passed ISO9001 system authentication. Wecandesign and manufacture varies of products according to customers'requirements,our aim is whole heartedly.toserve all the customers.Warmly welwww.haoxxooc.cne customers domestic and abroad to www.haoxxooc.cne to Hangzhou for business negotiations and good cooperations!
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  Hangzhou Youli hoisting Machinery Co.Ltd.
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TEL:+86-571-85374119 +86-571-85361767   fAX:+86-571-85366851  Zip Code.:071100  
E-mail:yl@2018澳门注册送彩金,2018澳门最大的赌场,2018澳门最大的赌城排名,2018澳门最大赌场 www.haoxxooc.cn
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